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Mitzvah Projects

Since the B’nei Mitzvah Service is the beginning of a child’s acceptance of adult responsibilities in Judaism, it is appropriate for our students to begin fulfilling some of the responsibilities of adulthood. Designing and participating in mitzvah project is a great way for the B’nei Mitzvah student to help contribute to tikkun olam – repairing the world through acts of goodness and loving kindness.

Recent Mitzvah Projects

Joyful Toyful

Hello, my name is Ben Zakalik. I am busy preparing for my Bar Mitzvah in March of 2024 at Temple Beth El. There are many parts of the preparation process including finding a Mitzvah Project to support a cause that I feel passionately about. This “mitzvah”, or good deed, ranges from helping my local community to donating to others in need around the world. I wanted to search for a cause that would help children affected by the tragic war in Israel.

When I found Joyful Toyful, I knew that it was the organization I was looking for. Joyful Toyful collects money with every dollar going towards purchasing toys (ranging from legos to arts and crafts and much more) to provide to children who have been and are still affected by the current situation in Israel. I knew I wanted to do this because I feel very lucky to have such a good life and it hurts my heart to imagine what these children are going through. I know that the act of having a Bar Mitzvah will make me a “man” in the eyes of Judaism, but I’m still just a kid myself and when I receive a gift, no matter the size, it puts a smile on my face. I want to share some of that joy with others and hopefully give them a reason to smile too.

Joyful Toyful Fund Page

Food Collection, Brighton Food Cupboard

From Zach: Would you like to help to people in need of a meal? If you would, please donate any amount of the following items: cereal, granola bars, pasta, marinara sauce and/or toilet paper.

It would mean so much to not only the people who will receive the donations, but also the Brighton Food Cupboard feels so happy and thankful for every single donation that comes in.
I am doing this for my Bar Mitzvah project because I feel that people need to be more aware of the issues in our world, such as hunger. Hunger is one of the many huge issues in our world, and it exists everywhere, even here in our beloved city of Rochester. For those of us who have never been in need of a meal, we are lucky, because over 1,900 households in just Brighton alone receive help regularly.
If you would like to donate, please find the donation box in the hallway of temple. It’s green and white and it would be very appreciated. I am looking forward to delivering all of these donations just after my bar mitzvah on April 13. Thank you for your support.

Shoe Drive Fundraiser, Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

From Noah: I am raising money for Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation is an organization that supports underfunded music programs in schools nationwide giving children access to music education, including new musical instruments. To raise money, I will be collecting gently used shoes. I am partnering with Funds2Orgs to assist with fundraising. Funds2Orgs takes the collected shoes and ships them to developing countries where they are sold by micro-entrepreneurs to help themselves out of poverty.

“Despatch Garden” East Rochester, Eyer Park

Raena built raised beds, helped put up fence, shoveled the dirt to create flower/(possible vegetable garden) beds; helped to create a seed library (reused a doll cabinet) where people can take seeds to plant. Although she has completed this project, she is committed to continue her work in garden in this spring. She also received a Citation from a member of NYS Assembly. Mazel Tov, Raena!