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Registration Guide

BE.WISE Jewish Enrichment Program @Temple Beth El

The new BE.WISE Jewish enrichment program allows you to build a learning schedule for your child(ren) customized to your preferences.  

The program is offered over multiple days, in multiple formats and settings. This allows you to create your schedule based on days you’re available, preferred format, or a combination of these factors. 

Full participation in this program is expected for children who are planning to have their B’nai Mitzvah at Temple Beth El. Families who are not formally affiliated with our congregation are welcome to join BE.WISE and are invited to register for courses that fit their needs and interests. 

We offer a balance of in-person and online. In-person classes create space for face-to-face community building, and online classes allow for flexibility to meet you where you are. All classes are created with a focus on relationship-building and delivering high quality content. 

Because inclusion is central to what we do, we provide 1:1 aids for in person and online learning options for any students who need learning accommodations. We also provide support so that all children fully participate in all of our family and BE.WISE gatherings.


The curriculum consists of four core courses and a variety of electives. The core courses divide the foundations material into easily consumable 45-minute sessions. Each course has 8 modules that are taught over four years (3rd-6th grade). The core courses are: Hebrew, Torah & Values, T’fillah (Prayer) & Rituals, and Jewish Heritage, History, Israel, & Identity. 

The elective courses enhance your child’s connection to their Jewish identity and understanding of Jewish concepts by integrating Jewish learning with universal activities, hobbies, and interests. A variety of electives are offered every session. 

Hebrew, with a focus on reading and comprehension, is offered in a 1:1 format. Your child will be matched with a tutor for 30 minutes of Hebrew learning a week. Our preference, especially for those in 3rd-4th grade is that they meet with their tutor twice a week for 15 minutes. This allows for reinforcement as they develop new language skills. Hebrew: Grammar & Conversation is an elective available for 5th-8th graders who would like to advance their skills and practice speaking Hebrew. 

Involvement can range from a very light schedule a week to a more involved schedule depending on your desire. 

The B.Mitzvah elective is for students in 6th-8th grade who have not yet had their b’nai mitzvah. The ideal time to take this course is within the year that the ceremony will take place. 


In person classes create space for face-to-face community building, while online classes allow for flexibility to meet you where you are. All classes are created with a value for relationship building and delivering high quality content. For students who need learning accommodations, we are ready to help. We will staff 1:1 aids to be present for in person and online learning options. We will also provide support so that your children can fully participate in all of our family and BE.WISE gatherings. Hebrew tutoring can be arranged in person, if needed. 


The division of the year into 3 minimesters allows you to adapt this program to your schedule. If your child is busiest in the spring, schedule more classes in the fall and winter. If you want consistency throughout the year, pick a schedule and carry it throughout the year. The content may change, but the hours do not need to. The school year runs from September 10, 2023 – May 5, 2024. Fall Minimester is September 10th – December 3rd, Winter Minimester is December 10th – February 11th, and Spring Minimester is March 3rd – May 5th.