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Mazel Tovs


To Amy & Howard Ressel on the engagement of their daughter Kate Ressel to Gabe Legett.  And Mazal Tov to the grandparents of the bride, Judy Ressel & Lenny Ressel, z”l and Janice Rosenfeld & Marvin Rosenfeld, z”l.

To Hillary Shulman-Lampell and Marc S. Lampell  on the engagement of their daughter Stacey  Alana Lampell to Ryan Michael Levine. And Mazal Tov to Stacey’s sister, Elysa Lampell and to the grandparents, Dvorah E. Shulman and Henry L. Shulman, z”l and to Ryan’s parents, Arlene & Ira Levine.

To Sharon Brodsky on the birth of her grandson, Luke Arlen on June 28, 2020.   And Mazal Tov to  parents, Marshall Brodsky & Jessica Randle.

To Nancy & Leon Gossin on the marriage of their daughter, Anna Gossin to Josh Maiman on August 15, 2020.  And Mazal Tov to Josh’s mother, Jacqualine Berger.

To Cheryl & Robert Andler on the birth of their grandson,Leo David Golub-Sass on September 6, 2020.  And Mazal Tov to parents, Deborah & Yoni Golub-Sass; big sister, Mia Golub-Sass; and grandparents Ellen Golub & Steve Sass.

To Michel Raz & Alan Vaillancourt on the birth of their son, Hillel David Vaillancourt on September 25, 2020.  And Mazal Tov to siblings Eli, Leora & Amalia.

To Peter Lovenheim on the birth of his granddaughter, Mollie Chaya Goldfarb on September 27, 2020.  And Mazal Tov to parents, Sarah Lovenheim and Zachary Goldfarb of Washington, DC.

To PAULINA & LARRY KOVALSKY on the engagement of their son Michael Jeffrey Kovalsky to Kathy Sassun And Mazal Tov to Kathy’s parents, Sara & Morris Sassun.

To LESLEY & DAN GLOWINSKY on the birth of their granddaughter, Zoe Rose Ferraioli on November 9, 2020. And Mazal Tov to parents, Michelle & Frank Ferraioli; and grandparents  Rebecca & Jonathan Bernstein and Patty McMahon Ferraioli and Al Ferraioli.

To LESLEY & DAN GLOWINSKY on the birth of their grandson, Asher Mason Glowinsky on November 26, 2020. And Mazal Tov to parents, Kaleesha & Matthew Glowinsky; and grandparent, Kami Diefenderfer; and great-grandparents, Kathy Gradinaru and Sandy & Ronald Rothamel.