Welcome To Temple Beth El!

Strategic Plan

Temple Beth El leadership approved the synagogue’s last strategic plan in 2010. It was a typical strategic plan, laying out a number of laudable goals as well as some ideas on how to achieve them. Since then, much has changed. The demographics of our local Jewish community – and of Temple Beth El – are very different. The overall population is smaller, while fewer individuals and families are choosing to affiliate with a synagogue. The population is also older, with different needs.

For all these reasons, a different type of strategic plan is now proposed. This new strategic plan focuses on ensuring that Temple Beth El has the appropriate personnel, structures and strategies in place to implement new goals and new directions. This type of plan is even more imperative as the synagogue moves to enact the proposals that won Temple Beth El a $1 million grant from the Farash Foundation, a grant that if used to its full potential will reshape the future of our synagogue and its role in the Greater Rochester Jewish Community.

Read about how these conclusions were developed, the next steps, and deliverable goals in the full strategic plan.

Congregational Meetings

Open communication is integral for the future of Temple Beth El. To best support this goal, there have been two congregational meetings held to go over the strategic plan and learn what congregants are looking for. There will be meetings regularly throughout the year to encourage communication, accountability, and involvement. In the meantime, see what was discussed at the previous meetings

Farash Grant

Support from the Farash Foundation has been crucial in developing and delivering on these initiatives. Temple Beth El has received a grant totaling one million dollars to be distributed over the course of three years. Read more about what the grant proposal included here.