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Modiin Partnership

Partnership 2Gether is a powerful way for Israelis and North American Jewish communities to get to know each other. Rochester is fortunate to have a vibrant and impactful connection with the community of Modi’in.

Located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Modi’in and Rochester have been sister cities since 2003.

Through “The Partnership,” people in Jewish Federation communities and Israelis develop relationships through joint projects and shared experiences.

One of these projects is the “Journey for Identity” Initiative. The program has taken place every other summer since 2005, when the first group of fourteen Rochestarian teenagers and fourteen teenagers from Modi’in came together for a trip from the United States, to Poland, and then to Israel.  They learned about the history that connected them and even more about each other.

  • Visit the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester for more information
  • Visit the Rochester Modi’in P2G website