Welcome To Temple Beth El!


The curriculum consists of five core courses and a variety of electives. Our core courses are: Hebrew, Torah & Values, T’fillah (Prayer) & Rituals, Jewish Heritage, History, Israel, & Identity, and Shabbat & Holidays. Core courses are broken down into intense and interesting 45-minute sessions. Each course has 8 parts (we call them modules) that are taught over four years (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades). 

Elective courses enhance your connection to and understanding of Jewish identity and Jewish concepts, using creative and different approaches to Jewish learning. A variety of electives are offered every minimester. 

We offer Hebrew, with a focus on reading and comprehension, in a personalized 1:1 format. You will be matched with a tutor for 30 minutes of Hebrew learning each week.  This reinforces new language skills and builds a strong relationship with a teacher. This can be a very light schedule or more intense regular schedule, depending on your choosing. Hebrew can be done either online or in person. 

Our B.Mitzvah elective is for students in 6th– 8th grade who have not yet had their b’nai mitzvah. The ideal time to take this course is within the year that the ceremony will take place. Our middle school curriculum for 7th and 8th graders builds on the core courses. There are 3 parts to the core course that can be taken in any order across these grades, along with a selection of electives of interest to your child.

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