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Our school year runs from September 10, 2022 – June 11, 2023. Fall Minimester is September 10th – December 16th, Winter Minimester is January 8th – March 31st, and Spring Minimester is April 16th – June 11th.

These 3 minimesters allow you to adapt this program to your schedule. If you are busiest in the spring, then you can schedule more classes in the fall and winter. If you prefer consistency throughout the year, then you can pick a regular schedule carried throughout the year. Though the content may change, the hours need not. 

K-2 Schedules  3-4 Schedules  5th Schedule  6th Schedule  7-8 Schedules 

Calendar of Events 22-23

There are no BE.WISE classes on the following dates:

September 24th-30th, 2022
October 5th, 2022
November 23rd-27th, 2022
February 19th-26th, 2023
May 25th-29th, 2023