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Tuition for BE.WISE is $540 per child, capped at $1000 per family. You can register for either the full year or for individual minimesters. Tuition per minimester is $180 ($180×3=$540). You can register for as many or as few courses as you desire. If you register by Friday, June 24th you will receive a 10% discount on these tuition rates. If you require financial accommodations, please contact Mandi Warner

BE.WISE has a 2 step registration process

Step 1 is Student Intake. It’s simple and easy: tell us who you are and who you are registering. Pay your deposit ($135 for the full year, $45 per minimester). If you complete this step by Friday, June 24th, we will be able to factor your preferences into our course scheduling. 

Step 2 opens July 5th. Select a course schedule based on your availability and pay the remaining registration fees. We’ll provide recommendations, but you make the final decisions. We will email all registered families with the link to Step 2. For those who register on or after July 5th, the confirmation for Step 1 will automatically direct you to Step 2. 

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