Welcome To Temple Beth El!

Security Statement | October 2023

We are aware of nonspecific threats against the Jewish community. We have been assured by local and national security officials that there is no evidence of credible threats. We are being encouraged to stay open and active but vigilant.

That being said, we understand that we are in a protracted, significantly heightened and dynamic security threat.

We will continue to utilize best practices to keep our community safe. Security at Temple Beth El remains at the highest possible level. In addition, Rochester City Police have been and will continue to maintain a presence on our property this week.

We are grateful to State and local police for their support in keeping our community safe.

If you see something, say something. Questions or concerns should be directed to Debbie Zeger at (585)329-8032 or dzeger@tberochester.org.

We should not live in fear.  Let us continue to live our Jewish lives in support of Israel.