Welcome To Temple Beth El!

July to September 2017

Well that was fast!

My first year as President of Temple Beth El has flown by.  As I look back upon my first year, I’d like to share my observations with you.

As President, you are presented with a different vantage point of seeing the synagogue’s inner workings.  In speaking with our Past Presidents they commented to me that it is very hard to see the “big picture” as President.  You become fixated on the day to day minutiae of running the synagogue and the inevitable emergency issues that arise.  As I reflect, I realize how important it is to have a competent staff to handle a synagogue’s daily operations as well as a Board to help oversee that staff and also plan for the future of the synagogue community.

My plan for second half of my presidency is to guide the Board and Congregation in a critical conversation as to where we see the future of Temple Beth El in 2-5 years.  TBE Officers and Board have engaged in significant efforts over the past year to assess our building, staff, and funding structures.

This is a transitional time for TBE in many ways.  How do we want TBE to fit within our Rochester Jewish community and the Rochester community in general?  These are conversations that each and every one of you should be a part of.  If I don’t hear from you at a future meeting please contact me directly.  I encourage you to take part in the dialogue regarding TBE’s future.

Seth Charatz