Welcome To Temple Beth El!

January/February 2018

Now that we have transitioned to the triennial format of Torah reading in which we read a third of the weekly portion on Shabbat morning, I thought it would be appropriate to review what is involved in preparing a particular Torah reading.

The obvious advantage of the triennial format is that the individual aliyot are considerably shorter in length.

Learning how to chant the selection involves my recording the selection for you. I can make the recording on a CD or record an mp3 file and email it to you. After you have had sufficient time to review your assignment, we will find a mutually convenient time for you to meet with me. The number of times we meet will, of course, depend on your background and length of the assignment. I suggest you sign up for a reading that provides plenty of preparation time. I am more than happy to help you select a date and Aliyah. As we progress in the preparation, we move from a copy of the text which includes both vowels and tropes (the little markings that indicate melody, accentuation and meaning) to a copy that does not include either one. In this way, you will make a smooth transition to the actual Torah. Speaking of the Torah, we will practice several times either in the small chapel or in the main sanctuary with the Torah so that you feel comfortable.

You might wish to consider a family Simcha…a happy occasion, to make your “debut”! What a powerful message you will be sending to your children as you prepare and then actually chant from the Torah!

I sincerely hope that you will consider joining the ranks of our “Yad Squad” … a small cadre of people who participate in Torah reading. Please consult the Yad Squad online under Spiritual Journeys to see what readings are available and please contact me with any questions.

With warmest regards,

Hazzan Martin Leubitz