Welcome To Temple Beth El!

March/April 2018

As I reflect on my first month as the Interim Director of Youth and Family Education, I am struck by the inclusiveness and community that we have created here in Limmud.  I have observed tremendous respect, collaboration, curiosity and ruach among our students during T’fillah, Havdalah, as well as in their classrooms.  Our committed madrichim are engaging their students in creative and meaningful lessons which strengthen their Jewish knowledge and pride. If you know a 4th grader be sure to ask her about the letter she wrote to G-d.  All of our Limmud students are working on a Shabbat Project which Tracy Meltzer, Inclusion Specialist, will be taking to the Kramin School in Israel.

On Friday, January 5th, a number of 6th and 7th graders participated in Friday Night Live.  It was wonderful to see their smiling faces and to hear their beautiful voices in song.  The looks of joy and pride on their parents’ faces as they watched their children daven was heartwarming.  Silvana Bacman led a most engaging and fun family service on Saturday, January 20th.  Every student in attendance had an opportunity to participate in the service, and many were joined by their parents.  It is through our educational and religious programs that we are building relationships with one another and with G-d.

On Saturday, March 10th Limmud will engage in a special Shabbaton Program.  All Limmud students are expected to attend this Shabbaton in place of their normally scheduled classes on Sunday, March 11th. Students will have a wonderful opportunity to put into practice much of what they are learning in the classroom and during T’fillah.  In addition, this Shabbat will include the Siddur Ceremony during which each 3rd grader will be receiving their very own siddur.  When my teenage sons received their siddurim in 3rd grade, they did so during a small ceremony with their classmates and their families on a Sunday morning.  I am delighted that we have moved this simcha to Shabbat morning.  Now all of our families and congregation are invited to come together as a community to celebrate this Jewish milestone.  Please mark your calendars and be part of this special Shabbat program.  Following services you are invited to connect with old friends and make new ones while enjoying a delicious kiddush lunch.

Jody Dietz