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Member’s Stories: Getting to Know Us

December 16, 2023    
11:00 am

Featuring our own Silvana Bacman December 16th during Kiddish Lunch

The TBE family is very diverse, and we continually discover members with unique and interesting backgrounds and stories. This series will help us learn more about you and your families. Every one of our members contributes a uniqueness that makes

TBE a special place. We want to help you share that with everyone.

Our First speaker will be our own Silvana Bacman. Everyone knows Silvana but many of you may not know what her life was like growing up in Argentina and South America nor how she ended up in the US. Learn what Jewish life is like growing up in a different county and gain a perspective from someone who has spent time in South America and the US.

The talks will take place during the regular Saturday Kiddish lunch (there will be plenty of time to eat and schmooze). Talks should last 1⁄2 hour to 45 minutes with plenty of time for questions.

The series and enhanced kiddish is sponsored by Men’s Club! Contact Jonathan Allentoff or Howard Ressel if you have any questions: mensclub@tberochester.org