Welcome To Temple Beth El!

The Amazing Afikomen Race

The Amazing Afikomen Race

For each stop, email Mandi Warner a picture at mwarner@tberochester.org, and then you will receive the next clue.

There are prizes along the way, and the winner get a grand prize. 

Winners will be announced during Kehila and on our website on April 2


Welcome, welcome, one and all!
We meet again to have a ball.
Searching, scanning, looking ‘round
For all the clues that hide in town.
This clue is meant to give a taste
Of what’s to come in this Great Race!
There were 10 plagues in Egypt land,
When Moses was in high command.
There will be 10 stops on the way,
Starting here, this Sunday!
At the next place you can find
Doughy spheres that taste sublime.
Garlic, egg, and raisin, too,
Tasty breakfast just for you!