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Hazzan Search Survey Results

Video Conference with Hazzan Jeremy Lipton, Director of Placement of the Cantors Assembly

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We have had the good fortune and mazel to be inspired by and enjoy the friendship of our dear Hazzan Leubitz for twenty years.  He recently notified us of his plan to retire at the end of June 2018.  In light of the timeline for Hazzan Leubitz’s plans, we are now beginning a process of exploration, with the ultimate aim of identifying a dynamic, innovative prayer leader to guide and inspire our congregation in prayer and music.  We have been asked by the President of Temple Beth El, Seth Charatz, to lead a process to determine what is next for Temple Beth El.

Please find below more information about our process, and please check back as we continue to gain new insights and information. 

- June Meeting Summary 

April Update

Letter to the Congregation


  1. What progress is being made on the Inspiration endeavor to find the next Hazzan/musical leader for TBE?

                   Four committees have formed and are meeting regularly:

a.  What Do We Want

Leader: Marcia Gabrilove Ladin.  

Goal: Develop a job description

Current Activity: creating a survey for members to identify most important attributes.

b.  What is Possible

Leader: Dan Glowinsky

Goal: Expose the TBE community to various models of Hazzanim/musical leaders

Current Activity: examining models at other congregations.  

c.  Process

Leader: Martin Presberg

Goal: Establish search process

Current Activity: working on an overall plan to conduct the search

d.  Education and Communications

Leader: Shoshana Germanow

Goal: Keep members informed of activities of the other committees and share their progress

Current Activity: planning programs to inform members about other models, current training for hazzanim and other topics.


          2. What are we looking for in the next Hazzan/musical leader?


Members will have an opportunity to voice their opinion about what matters to them through a survey.  For those who do not use a computer, a paper copy will be made available.  Small group discussions will also be held with various constituent groups at Temple to seek their input (e.g. Limmud parents, USY, Hazak, etc).


         3.  How can I share my experiences at other synagogues that might serve as models to explore?


As part of the congregational survey, members will be able to provide this information and indicate whether they are willing to meet as a group to share their experiences. An email may also be sent to [email protected] or call the Temple office with this information. Shoshana and Martin will be happy to have an in-person discussion. 


4.  What is the timeline for the search?


We envision two phases.  Phase I (through October) involves conducting the survey, having small group meetings, educating ourselves on what is possible, and developing a plan for the search.  Phase II will begin in or around November and involves executing the plan.  We hope to complete the work and hire our next Hazzan/musical leader by the end of June 2018. 

5.  I’d like to participate in this process.  How can I get involved?

      Let us know your particular interest by sending an email to: [email protected] or call Carol at the Temple office.