Vision 2020

Vision 2020 - Renovating the Sanctuary

For over a century Temple Beth El (TBE) has continued to play a unique role in the Rochester community providing a place where Jewish tradition and innovation combine and where we share the most meaningful events in our lives. TBE is the place that offers anyone the opportunity to find their own spirituality and meaning.

We are a congregation committed to inclusion offering a welcoming space and community for all those who wish to participate in Jewish traditions, celebrations, and Tikkun Olam. From Keshet, the only synagogue-based preschool and day camp in the area, to an innovative youth education program, to Shabbat Torah study and scholars- in-residence weekends we are a center of Jewish education. TBE brings people together to meet the spiritual and social needs of Jewish Rochester.

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• Increase accessibility and intimacy

• Engage congregants as participants

rather than merely spectators

• Enhance prayer and spirituality


• Replace seats

• Enhance the lighting system

• Install a state of the art sound/audio system

with hearing-impaired capabilities

• Lower the bima, ark and install ramps

for accessibility

• The stained glass windows and the ark

will be preserved

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Renovation Scheduling

+ The Sanctuary will be closed until March 8

      - all services will be held downstairs in the chapel

+ The entire upstairs will be closed from December 1 through February 3

+ Babysitting for Shabbat will now be located in room 5 in the Keshet hallway

+ Kiddush will be held in the downstairs lobby and Youth Lounge