Koolanu Hebrew High School

Koolanu is our exciting educational program for students in grades 8-12. Close to 75 students enroll each year. While attendance in this program is voluntary and optional, over 95% of our 7th grade graduates choose to continue their education at Koolanu.

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Our redesigned Koolanu program will have two tracks:

Track 1: This track meets on Sunday mornings. The Sunday morning track will be similar to the Koolanu program that we have offered the past several years.  Teens will be able to choose among hour-long classes between 9:00am and 12:30pm that will change on a semester basis.  They will also be able to choose to volunteer as a teen Madrich/a (assistant teacher) during that time.  Breakfast will also continue to be provided from 10-10:30.

Track 2: This track includes short-term classes that will meet at various times other than Sundaymornings.  The classes will generally be 1 to 4 sessions and will include topics like community service (learning leading to a project), preparing for the holidays, special speakers (such as Holocaust survivors), movie screenings, cooking classes, etc.  There will also be room for teens to design their own classes based on their interest (if a few people are interested in a specific topic, we will organize a class on that topic that fits into their schedule).

Teens may choose to participate in one or both tracks.  This will, hopefully, allow them to find learning opportunities that fit into their schedules.  The Koolanu tuition of $225 allows teens to participate in either or both tracks.  Track 2 classes can also be paid for a la carte and can be added at any time. Please note that there might be materials fees for some classes in addition to the tuition.