Koolanu Hebrew High School

Koolanu is our exciting educational program for students in grades 8-12. Close to 75 students enroll each year. While attendance in this program is voluntary and optional, over 95% of our 7th grade graduates choose to continue their education at Koolanu.

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Koolanu meets on Sunday mornings from 9 - 12:30. Each hour, there is a selection of 4 or more hour long classes. Students may choose to take one, two, or three classes - a different class each hour. The subjects covered by the classes are incredibly diverse, and include such topics as Current Events, Jewish History, Bible, Ethics and Values, Israel, Hebrew, and the Cultural Arts (sculpture, klezmer band, Israeli dance, and more).

Our faculty is truly outstanding, each an expert in their field. We have Rabbis, professors, business people, artists and other professionals, each of whom truly motivates and inspires their students.