Meet our Morahs

Gan Gadol (4 year old class)

Melinda Yanoff has been teaching in the Rochester area since 1989.  Before coming to Keshet she taught in Elementary Schools in the Rochester area and spent 8 years teaching Preschool at the JCC.  She has worked at TBE for 15 years and at Keshet for 6. Along with Gan Gadol she teaches 1st grade in our Limmud Youth Education Program and is the youth group leader for Halutzim.  Melinda has a B.A. in Political Science and Law and Society from SUNY Binghamton.  She holds an M.S. in Elementary Education with Permanent Certification for Preschool through sixth grade from Nazareth College of Rochester.  For the past 16 years she has spent her summers as an instructor at the summer camps at the RMSC and at Camp Sisol and Camp Keshet.


Stephanie Woelk is in her second school year teaching at Keshet preschool. She holds a B.S. in Childhood Education and Special Education from Roberts Wesleyan College. When not in the classroom she can be found in the great outdoors. She especially loves to go hiking and camping with herhusband and little boy. 

Gan Katan (3 year old class)

Lisa Cline has been teaching at Keshet for 9 years. She has taught in every classroom from Pitzels through Gan Gadol. She attended Ithaca College and then to graduate school for occupational therapy. She has lived in Rochester for 14 years. Her daughter is a junior at Ohio State and her son is a senior in high school.

Gan Katantan (2 Year Old Class)

Franceen Elias-Stein has been teaching 2 year olds at Keshet for 10 years. She has a B. Ed in Elementary Education, a Certificate in Special Education, and an M. Ed in Special Education all from McGill University in Montreal. She was an elementary school teacher in Montreal for 10 years-5 in regular education and 5 in special education. She has lived in Rochester for 22 years and is the proud mother of 3 children.

Pitzels (18 Month Olds)

Ruth Aranov  began working at Keshet 5.5 years ago when she was hired as the music enrichment teacher. She teaches the children songs, finger plays, and dances in both English and Hebrew. She is a talented guitar player. This will be Ruth's econd year teaching the pitzel class which is a great way for youngsters to learn and explore in a new and safe environment away from family for short periods of time. She has an MA  in Speech/Language Pathology (UB 1988) and a BA in Psychology/Linguistics (Binghamton University 1986)  1 semester at Tel-Aviv University. She grew up in Buffalo.