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The Limmud Youth Education Program of Temple Beth El, a Conservative Synagogue in Rochester, New York, is dedicated to providing the best in Jewish education to area school age children. We offer a complete Sunday and afterschool program for children in kindergarten through seventh grade, with instruction in the basic subjects of Hebrew (reading and conversational), Bible, Prayer, Jewish Living, Jewish History, and Israel. Find our more about our new Limmud model here.

Our Mission

Each generation has the obligation of providing the next generation with a Jewish education. This is an obligation Temple Beth El takes seriously. As Jewish educators and parents, we provide our children with a solid and well-rounded Jewish education in order to accomplish several missions:

  • To make our children feel pride in being Jewish.
  • To give our children the ability, confidence, and understanding to participate in Synagogue services, and to celebrate holidays and other family observances in the home.
  • To instill in our children a love and sense of responsibility for Israel -- the land, the people, and the entire Jewish community at large.
  • To ensure that our children develop fine character traits and a clear understanding of Jewish ethics and morals.
  • To generate in our children the interest and curiosity that may stimulate a desire for life-long Jewsih learning, and to assist them in attaining the basic skills required to pursue that desire.
  • To enable our children to remain strong links in the chain of Jewish continuity by providing them with enough knowledge of Judaism and the confidence that it is relevant to their lives to withstand the ever-present proselytizing and assimilation pressures in our society.