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Limmud Reimagined (Religious School)

Limmud Reimagined will run from the week of October 19th through the week of December 19th, 2020. This 9-10 week program will be entirely virtual. We are focusing on teaching 3 core subjects, as determined by our research results. These subjects are: Jewish Values, Hebrew (reading), and Prayer Hebrew (T’fillah) for 3-6th grade and T’fillah, Ritual, and Hebrew for K-2nd grade. 7th grade will focus on T’fillah and Jewish Identity. These classes will all be virtual, and we are excited to be offering teachers with the skills to teach virtually using dynamic and engaging teaching styles. We want the skills your children learn to be meaningful and relevant to their lives. Given that, we are no longer offering classes on Sundays. In order for Jewish learning to be relevant to their lives, we will be offering some different opportunities on Friday nights and Saturdays when we actually practice being Jewish. We are also focusing on continuing to develop our community connections. You will see that the classes we offer will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, and in order to ensure a community touchpoint we ask that your child attend at least 2 days (if you prefer for a routine you may schedule them to take one class each of those days, but many will prefer to do 2 on one day and 1 on another). Classes for this program will be cohorted in the following groups: K-2 grade, 3-4 grade, 5-6 grade, and 7th grade. The benefit of this new flexible schedule and these cohorts is that your children will have the opportunity to be with different students in their classes, which also enhances their connections as a community. We are also offering for your to sign up for 15 minutes of one on one Hebrew tutoring weekly (required for grades 3-7).

All of these times and options are provided in the registration. Once your registration is confirmed you will receive an email confirming the days and times that you selected for your child/ren.

To register your child please use the following links, organized by grade level.

K-2nd Grade Registration

3-4th Grade Registration

5-6th Grade Registration

7th Grade Registration


If you have a teen (8-12th grade) that is interested in volunteering with us and the younger students, please reach out to Becca Zaretsky.

Have any questions? please contact Mandi for K-2 or Becca for 3-Teen.

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