Temple Beth El Sisterhood

Sisterhood Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and unite women of the synagogue and support them to understand and perpetuate Conservative/Masorti Judaism in the home, synagogue and community and reinforce their bonds with Israel and Jews worldwide.

JUST JUDAICA – the Temple Beth El Gift Shop

Sisterhood Board Members

President - Marcia Nabut

Treasurer -  Tammi Steinberg

Financial Secretary - Helene Newman

Vp, Just Judaica - Lynda Axelrod

Recording Secretary - Deborah Krusch

VP Torah Fund - Abbey Rasnick and Merle Markus

VP Financial Liaison to TBE - Gail Finkelstein

Member at Large - Judy Schulman and Sheila Hollander

Sisterhood Committees

Book Club - Athene Goldstein and Marcia Nabut

Just Judaica - Iris Mand, Lynda Axelrod, Gail Finkelstein,

                           Ita Weingarten, Zippy Kleinberg

Telephone - Judy Schulman

Rosh Chodesh - Terri Rosenhouse, Barb Savage, Barb Schron

Ronald McDonald House Dinner - Marilyn Manis

Torah Fund - Abbey Rasnick and Merle Markus

Knitting Circle - Lana Russ

Shiva Box - Susan Zauderer, Lana Russ, Gail Finkelstein

Sisterhood Shabbat - Lisa Cline, Silvana Bacman, Rebecca Horwitz

Sunshine Cards - Judy Ressel

Lunch and a Movie - Lana Russ and Barb Schron

Welcome Committee - Ester Tobochnick

For more information, please contact Marcia Nabut at 271-4189 or email Marcia.

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