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Course Category  Description
Hebrew: Reading & Comprehension Core – Virtual or In Person This core course builds the essential skills for navigating Hebrew. Students will learn to read Hebrew through mastering the Hebrew alphabet, reading traditional prayers and texts, and contemporary stories. Students will also become familiar with a basic vocabulary developing an understanding of the Hebrew language. 
Jewish Heritage, History, and Israel Core – Virtual This core course will strengthen the student’s connection to their Jewish identity and heritage, ensuring they know the history of their people. In this course, students will learn about key points in Jewish history from ancient times to the present. This course will also teach about Israel from pre-establishment to the present. 
Values in Torah and Modern Judaism Core – Virtual This core course provides familiarity with the core texts of our tradition and explores the text through a lens of integration with our modern lives. Through this course students will become well versed in the stories that provide a foundation for the Jewish religion and learn about Jewish values as they are portrayed through the text. 
T’fillah, Holidays & Customs Core – Virtual This core course provides the knowledge necessary to be an active participant in Jewish rituals and customs. Students will learn the “how to” of prayers and customs for holidays and everyday life. They will also go beyond and consider the “why” behind these traditions in order to establish and develop personal connections in their practice. 
Jewish Identity (7th Grade) Core – Virtual This course will enhance familiar concepts from all of the core courses. Allowing 7th graders to apply their more mature lens to understanding Torah, Prayer, Israel, and their Jewish Heritage.
Hebrew: Grammar & Conversation Elective – In Person For 5th, 6th, and 7th Graders. This course is an opportunity to advance Hebrew skills beyond reading and understanding. Students will learn skills that will allow them  to speak Hebrew, understand how to conjugate words, and build sentences. 
Sports Elective – In Person Learn Jewish values and practice them in team sports. 
STEMing Jewish Identity Elective – In Person Explore Jewish teachings through experimentation and examination of science, technology, and nature. 
Music Elective – In Person Sing along and learn about Jewish and Israeli music.
Culinary Judaism Elective – In Person Exploring Jewish identity and ethnicity through food and cooking.
Performing Arts Elective – In Person Work together to create and perform a ‘shpiel’ for Purim. 
Exploring Israel and its People Elective – In Person Learn about Israeli arts, culture, and society with our Shinshinim.
Tikkun Olam: Social Action Elective – In Person Learn about the value of Tikkun Olam and tools to impart social action responsibly in our own lives. 

About Electives:

All electives are designed to integrate Jewish learning through play, creativity, and skill development. Courses are numbered to allow for differentiation. There are currently 4 courses for each elective. Performing Arts will always be different.