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Edan Alexander

Edan Alexander is a 19 year old from Tenafly, New Jersey. He graduated high school in 2022 before volunteering for service in the Israel Defense Force. 

Praying for his return is his 17 year old sister, Mika. She spoke at a rally in New York City, asking people not to forget about Edan and the others that were taken hostage.

On the day of the first attack, Edan was on the Israel-Gaza border. His mother had spoken to him that morning, with him saying how “it’s like World War II.” Edan has not been heard from since October 7. All they found from him was his flak jacket. Officials have said that he is alive but that is all. Since there were American citizens recently released, there is a new hope alive for the Alexander family.

Watch an interview with his mother and sister. 

We are still learning how to best support him and his family. In the meantime, learn more about opportunities through our main Israel page. 

Moshav Sde Nitzan

From their donation page:

“On Saturday, October 7, Moshav Sde Nitzan, situated approximately 7.2 kilometers from Gaza, awoke to a brutal terrorist attack, a horrifying event shared by the neighboring kibbutzim. Moshav Sde Nitzan was founded in the Eshkol Regional Council exactly 50 years ago in 1973. It was established by a group of dedicated founders, some of whom continue to reside there today. Their motivation was a profound love for the land of Israel and a sincere desire to settle the Western Negev and cultivate its soil. The moshav, which is currently home to 120 families, is located 7.2 km from the Gaza Strip. However, due to its position beyond the 0-7 km range, its residents do not receive the benefits package intended for those in the immediate vicinity. Despite this, we wish to emphasize that Moshav Sde Nitzan is our home, and we remain committed to its enduring presence.”

Their leader, Efraim Perlmutter, has released statements on his experience and the state of the Moshav. In his first, he writes that “one thing has become crystal clear for most Israelis. Not since the Nazis of World War Two have the Jews faced an enemy more intent on killing Jews than seeking the welfare of their own citizenry.” Read more here. 

His second statement refers to the questions and issues with the media faced by Israeli citizens during this time of war and anger. Continue reading here